About Sajw

SA Jewellery Week (SAJW) is the first-of-its-kind event aimed at showcasing contemporary jewellery around the country. The event is a week-long showcase s of South African Contemporary Jewellery starting from 31 October to 05 November 2019. The aim of the SA Jewellery Week is to create awareness of the existence of contemporary jewellery industry in the country.

Historically, contemporary jewellers have found it challenging to compete with their commercial counterparts on an economical level, mainly because of lack of contemporary jewellery education available to the South African jewellery consumer. This year, in an attempt to kick start what will be an annual occurrence moving forward, the highlight of SA Jewellery Week will be an exhibition titled ASAP to 4IR which will be showcased at MmArt House in Craighall.

The goal is that the event will translate into the upliftment of contemporary jewellery in the country and for consumers to see the value in the work that we do. In the future we are hoping that the emerging contemporary jewellers who are graduating from higher education institutions will enter the jewellery market that is fully supported by the end consumer.

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