About Sajw

The South African Jewellery Week (SAJW) is an non-profit organization with a primary focus on the promotion and upliftment of the South African contemporary jewellery industry. In October 2019, SAJW conceptualised and organized a six-day event that showcased some of the best contemporary jewellery in South Africa. SAJW will continue to host exciting annual showcase events that promote and uplift the contemporary jewellery industry.

The target customer profile is characterised by an individual who appreciates bespoke, one of a kind jewellery designed to be appreciated for its craftsmanship and conceptual value. SAJW aims to be the market leader in the promotion and upliftment of South African contemporary jewellery design as well as create a platform for emerging designers to engage with the various opportunities that will be identified and created. 

As part of our vision to promote, uplift and grow the jewellery industry in South Africa, SAJW is running a series of jewellery design workshop for schools in previously disadvantaged areas. These workshops have a programme that takes place over public school holidays.  The aim of the workshops is to teach the youth skills that enable them to make products and become self-sufficient and create jobs. 

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