Lesego Lekgoe

Creative artists focused on making contemporary hand-beaded wearable art jewellery.

The day I discovered and created my first piece (self-taught), was the day I established my identity as a creative artist, which was something I struggled with as a fashion designer, because I studied fashion design, but definitely appreciate it as it always come through in my jewellery design process. I’m a creative artist focused on making contemporary hand beaded wearable art jewellery, aiming to use it to break boundaries with concepts and narratives within the fashion, art, jewellery and creative space as the driving force. My signature identity of my jewellery is the atomic design that is quintessential to all my design collections and concepts inspired by art and beautiful preserved life and culture. Having established a niche market, Sekgosi was founded, Sekgosi is a Setswana word which is my home language (one of South Africa’s 11 official languages and official language in Botswana, which is my second home country), meaning royal kingdom in English. For truly every piece is a bold adornment with gravitas.

Instagram: @_sekgosi .

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